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Fear and pain management
no fear,  dental phobia and pain management, no pain dentist
Dental phobia is a problem that is well addressed in this office. We understand that you might have had previous bad experience with the dentist. There are a few ways we can help you overcome your fear.

PAINLESS DENTISTRY. Each procedure including cleaning, scaling and fillings in performed under anesthesia. You will receive as many anesthetics as needed.

COMMUNICATION. Before we perform any procedure we explain step-by-step and show exactly what is going to be done. During procedure we make sure you are ok. We speak excellent English and the issue of misunderstanding does not exist.

CONTROL. You have total control over the procedure which is performed on you teeth. You can stop the treatment at any time to receive additional anesthetic or take a break.

PAIN PILLS. You leave the office with sufficient amount of painkillers and antibiotics if needed.

SEDATION DENTISTRY. You can have relaxation Valium pills before your visit.

SLEEP DENTISTRY. Treatment can be performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia administered by a specialist - anesthesiologist. Additional fees apply.

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